Ellie Nash? (luly) wrote in excellents,
Ellie Nash?

FUCK FUCK FUCK i will kill her.

Wait you guys. I feel like shes such a fucking whore for talking to Jay and then writing about him in her livejournal because she really doesnt fucking know him and she doesnt have the right to. Because this is what I was scared of in the first place and because shes stealing my life.
This really pisses me off to death.
Really to death.
And I will keep talking about it.
I need to talk to Jay.
I really really do. REALLY.
She cant talk to him. She really cant. He cant exist this year. He should just disappear without me there. Because we go together.
Because I need to call atleast one of you tonight to bitch.

Atleast we won in our game against Burke.

But Jay will start liking Alex K or theyll be friends and Ill have to kill myself, so it really wont matter.
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